Virtual Workshops

Fyli’s virtual workshops will add value to your personal and professional life by creating a sense of community, connecting you to other like minded women, and inspire growth. Our workshops are lead by top industry leaders and icons to help you evolve while having fun.

Going Down the Crypto Rabbit Hole

By: Jin Chung x Fylí
Join us Thursday, May 13th at 6 PM EST to discuss the world of cryptocurrency with, Co-founder of Rainbow wallet, Jin Chung. This workshop will be a hands-on introduction to...

Fashion Forward: The Future of Ethical Fashion

By: Mercado Global x Fyli
Join Fyli and Mercado Global Tuesday, May 18th 6-7PM EST, for a panel discussion about the ethical fashion movement and the future of fashion. As a leader in ethical fashion...

5 Pillars of Manifesting Your Desires

By: Natasha Grano x Fyli
Join Fyli, Wednesday, May 19th at 5-6 PM EST to discuss the 5 Pillars manifesting your desires with Natasha Grano, Author, Mindset Coach, and Motivational Speaker. During this talk with...

Fyli Tribe Group Coaching Call

By: Fylí
Join the Fyli team Wednesday, May 26th 5-6:30 PM EST and take advantage of this opportunity to meet your fellow FYLI TRIBE members, share your updates, troubleshoot or talk through any problems...

*CLOSED COHORT* May Roundtable

By: Fylí
Join the Fylí team and fylí cohort of power house women on Tuesday, May 27th at 5-7:30pm EST and take advantage of this opportunity to connect with your fellow Master-mind Members. This...