Virtual Workshops

Fyli’s virtual workshops will add value to your personal and professional life by creating a sense of community, connecting you to other like minded women, and inspire growth. Our workshops are lead by top industry leaders and icons to help you evolve while having fun.

Move With Mylique 3 Part Fitness Journey: Part 3

By: Mylique Rivera x Fylí
My name is Mylique Rivera. I am a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. I have been in the fitness industry as an athlete for 7 years and have been...

Awaken Your Soul with Alana Fairchild

By: Alana Fairchild x Fylí
Join Fylí Co-Founders Jaclynn & Summer for a 40 minute power session with Creative Visionary and Spiritual Teacher, Alana Fairchild, to learn how we can Awaken Our Souls. Alana Fairchild...

Vision Boarding & Healing

By: Amy Duncan x Fylí
For this sound bath journey Amy will be using crystal singing bowls + Koshi chimes. The sound vibrations and frequencies emitted can balance left and right brain hemispheres and help...