January 24, 2021 - 12:30 pm

Vision Boarding & Healing

By: Amy Duncan x Fylí

For this sound bath journey Amy will be using crystal singing bowls + Koshi chimes. The sound vibrations and frequencies emitted can balance left and right brain hemispheres and help reduce stress and anxiety by setting off the parasympathetic autonomous nerve system. Being immersed in these frequencies can guide brain waves to move from beta—in which we operate at high stress levels—to alpha, theta, and eventually delta, in which deep relaxation occurs. These deeper brainwave states set the perfect environment for deep healing and releasing of any blocked or stagnant energy to occur.

This is a lying down healing session and it is suggested that you listen with headphones, and are in an environment where you can comfortably lay for about 30 minutes without being disturbed.

Amy Duncan is a Reiki Master, Sound Healing Practitioner, and Holistic Health Coach who is dedicated to helping others ignite the natural healing ability of the body, mind, and spirit. Following consecutive experiences of trauma and loss, Amy witnessed the profound effects of natural healing modalities on her own emotional, physical, and mental health that she was unable to achieve through conventional therapies. This journey led her to discover her innate ability and passion for helping others obtain similar results. She studied at the Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas, CA and started The Native Path in 2014, where she continued her Reiki and holistic healing practice through private practice, community healing events, and regular Reiki treatments to patients at Sharp Memorial Hospital. In 2019 she moved to NYC, where she immersed herself in the teachings and practice of Sound Healing. Amy’s philosophy looks at the total person, using a unique combination of holistic therapies to produce harmony and healing. She welcomes working through all stages of each individual’s journey.

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