February 18, 2021 - 6:00 pm

Resilience to Rise: Marcia Kemp

By: Marcia Kemp x Fylí



Marcia Kemp has always had a very strong citizenship DNA with an enormous desire to help people. She began as a volunteer at the Children’s Institute, more than 10 years ago and at the same time developed projects of corporate citizenship. With a demanding  life routine of an executive and businesswoman, she has led numerous meetings in Brazil and around the world while in a high-level position at IBM, but she never let professional demands affect another great passion of hers: traveling. No tourist destinations, her preferences were always exotic itineraries that she herself researched, excited to know new cultures, traditions and people. On one of these trips, during a visit to the Massai tribe in Africa, she had an insight to share the beauty of the unique craftwork she admired throughout the world. Her greatest inspiration was to fly the flag that the beauty born of simplicity has a space and an appreciation to conquer in the fashion universe. And in her constant interest in the people culture, she asked herself about the beautiful works she knew, why people had such a competitive advantage and others were born without opportunities.


Each session will cover interviewee’s personal feelings during quarantine, business strategies, share tactics, concerns, and alliances that are being formed during this global crisis. Our mission is to spread hope, positivity, and connection while uniting entrepreneurs and founders. The conversations will focus on how they have developed resiliency through topics such as health/wellness, working from home, running a business during Covid-19, and thoughts about the future.

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