January 19, 2021 - 6:30 pm

Move With Mylique 3 Part Fitness Journey: Part 3

By: Mylique Rivera x Fylí

My name is Mylique Rivera. I am a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. I have been in the fitness industry as an athlete for 7 years and have been coaching for about 3 years. I like to say I’m a lifestyle coach first and a personal trainer second. My passion for fitness goes beyond the gym. I believe “being fit” comes down to more than just training. My ideology is that the mind, body, spirit are all connected. If one is lacking the others lack as well. My coaching system is based on lifestyle changes and not quick-fix diets or workout routines. When clients work with me they begin to believe they are capable of so much more than they could have ever imagined. I love it when my clients bring that energy into their everyday lives. I believe that everyBODY is different yet one thing remains the same, our desire to be more. 

Class 3 – Mindful Motion

  • This class will be a 40-minute guided workout. With a huge focus on mobility and flexibility in the first 10 minutes, core/stability for 15 minutes, and intense cardio shake out for the last 15 minutes