September 8, 2020 - 8:00 am

MORNING RITUAL: Tai Chi Quick Flow

By: Jonathan Angelilli & FYLI

Join Fyli alongside Jonathan Angelilli, Personal Wellness Expert & The Founder of Pure Strength for a 20 minute morning ritual to start your day. 

Jonathan Angelilli is a native New Yorker, personal wellness expert, pioneer of holistic fitness, and 2x American Ninja Warrior (NBC). He’s been empowering students through healthy movement for 20 years, has a Bachelor of Science from NYU and a minor in Gender Studies, as well as thirteen fitness certifications.

Jonathan completed a 3 year program in Medical Qigong through the Institute of Traditional Medicine (Toronto) in 2016 and has been featured as a fitness and tai chi expert on network television (ABC, FOX). His one-of-a-kind approach unifies western science with eastern wisdom to create a provocative experience that is joyful, sensual, and empowering. 

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