August 28, 2020 - 5:00 am

Healing Your Divine Feminine Energy

By: Cynthia Roy

Join FYLI & Reiki practitioner Cynthia Roy as we delve deep into our sacred space and receive long distance reiki to awaken the divine feminine in you! Creating an impactful space to heal, purge, and cultivate peace. 

Cynthia Roy was born and raised in the beautiful sunny Miami, Florida. At an early age she attended New World School of The Arts as a dance major and continued to dance throughout college. From a young age she was always into makeup, marketing, and starting her own business. She decided to use her platform on social media as a voice to promote her makeup skills, her spirituality and women empowerment. As she continued to build her platform on social media, her skills got the attention of major companies. She began to sign with major partnerships like Covergirl, Walmart, and Buxom Cosmetics to name a few. Although she was successful in the beauty community she wanted to do more! After graduating from nursing school one of her main goals was to spread unconditional love and build connections as well within her community. Through her painful relationships, her releasing the ego, and soul shifting transformation she began her soul journey. In December 2018, she took the plunge and became a Reiki practitioner and services her community. With this special gift, she began helping women not only look beautiful on the outside but within as well. She now uses her gift of energy healing to connect women and men to finding their life’s purpose, assist in the body’s natural healing processes, and balance the flow of subtle energy by releasing blockages from the body. By using Reiki she has helped others through their spiritual journey and find a deeper awareness concerning the flow of subtle energies in and around the body and the connection between these subtle energies and one’s health. She now uses her platform and gift to help others ascend spiritually, love unconditionally, and to discover self love within themselves!

Social media @Cynthia_Roy