Influencer Marketing & Branding by Ariana Pappas

Join Ariana Pappas, Director of Talent at DBA for this Influencer Marketing &
Branding workshop. In this workshop she’ll cover:
● Influencer Industry overview

● How brands strategically work with influencers
● How excellent influencers stand out in the oversaturated industry
● How influencers get represented
● Influencer marketing trends 2021

Based in the NYC office, Ariana has been with DBA since 2014 and serves as Director of Talent within the company’s leadership team. She manages macro fashion, beauty and lifestyle talent at DBA like Hello Fashion, Barefoot Blonde, Blank Itinerary, Cara Loren, and Brad Goreski,while also overseeing a team of managers. IG: @arianapappas // @therealdba //

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