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Join the tribe, lean into a community of high achievers, enhance your confidence, start asking for what you want and learn tools and strategies that will help you grow.

FYLI means

TRIBE in Greek

(pronounced- Fee-Lie)

A female master-mind group that focuses on bringing together female leaders. We are creating a tribe of diverse high level dreamers, thinkers and doers.

We help female leaders RISE (Renew, Inspire, Support, Empower) in all aspects of their lives.

About us.

Fylí was created to bring together a room of diverse thinkers and dreamers who can shift conversations, contribute new opinions + feedback, and bring different perspectives with clarity and directness that moves the needle. Magic happens when you feel open, connected, present, vulnerable and safe.

We learned early on that success is only limited by our mindset, habits and the people we have access to within our network. When you UPGRADE your thoughts, daily disciplines/habits and relationships, you begin to upgrade your life.

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